The NGO Major Group is tasked with facilitating the participation and enhancing the engagement of non-governmental organizations in the processes directly and indirectly related to the High Level Political Forum.

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When possible, we work to organize positions on behalf of the members to be delivered in various United Nations spaces. Because of the diversity of voices and perspectives within this group, we are organized around thematic clusters which act as hubs of expertise on numerous issues and/or Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our Mission is to help achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. No one government or organization can accomplish this generational task. It will take all of us. Thank you for your part.

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Most of the other Major Groups and Other Stakeholders represent certain (and often overlapping) constituencies – among others, indigenous people, children and youth, women, people with disabilities. These groups face barriers to fully participating in the decisions that impact their lives and they are important repositories of knowledge based on history and lived experience from which we can all learn. But the NGO Major group is not a constituency in the same way. It is filled with organizations working to advance issues oftentimes directly linked to these groups: participation, poverty eradication, fostering equality, defending the environment, promoting and protecting human rights, and a host of other issues.


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