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List of processes related to the 2019 HLPF Prepared by Steering Group, as at 19 February 2019

Members of the Coordination Mechanism are urged to pay attention to upcoming events and processes so that they can contact the Organizing Partners/Focal Points of their respective Major Groups and Other Stakeholders, or their respective regional coordination mechanisms, when the time comes for consideration of speakers, funded participation, contributions to position papers, statements, registration, etc.  It is important to anticipate and plan for involvement as the timeframe for decision-making is very short.  Please note that each MGOS has its own procedures to be followed. 

  • Expert Group Meetings – Steering Group Task Team meeting on 25 February 2019 to discuss MGOS candidates to participate.  No funding is available for civil society participation
    • Expert Group Meeting on SDG 8: 4-5 April 2019, Geneva
    • Expert Group Meeting on SDG 10: 27-28 March 2019, Accra
    • Expert Group Meeting on SDG 13: 1-3 April 2019, Copenhagen
    • Expert Group Meeting on SDG 16: 3-5 April 2019, Rome (TBC)
    • Expert Group Meeting on SDG 17: 12 April 2019, New York
    • Expert Group Meeting on Interlinkages: TBC
  • Position papers from MGOS for submission to the HLPF
    • Deadline for submission to DESA:  1 April 2019.
    • Please note that individual NGOs may submit their reports on SDG implementation, in accordance with para. 89 of the 2030 Agenda.  No deadline. These will not be officially submitted to the HLPF but will be made available on the DESA website (no translation available).
  • Upcoming expected notifications requesting MGOS involvement at the global level (expected dates in parentheses): Steering Group will be asking for earlier notification and longer lead-time for review and decision-making, particularly because of the time needed for visa applications, once selections for individual participation are made.
    • Side events application (March)
    • Temporary passes (April)
    • Funded participation for approximately 25 spots (April).  Selection made by Steering Group on basis of applications received and recommendations made by respective MGOS, taking due account of geographical distribution, gender, etc.  Funding is provided by DESA for travel and two days of per diem.
    • Official expert speakers, as discussants during official roundtables convened to discuss SDGs (April) – approx. 20 speakers are confirmed by President of ECOSOC on the basis of list submitted by the Steering Group
    • Registration (May)
    • ECOSOC High Level Segment – general debate (May)
    • VNRs – Q&A (May-June)
    • Pre-HLPF Meeting for civil society (June)
  • Also please access DESA website on a regular basis for additional information.